Our specialized anesthetized models are some of the most sensitive assays to detect cardiovascular effects of lead compounds, conduct primary evaluations and explore the potential of backups.

With anesthetized subjects, the CorDynamics team performs comprehensive cardiovascular examinations.


  • Advanced hemodynamics
  • Heart rate
  • Systemic blood pressures
  • Pulmonary artery pressures
  • Left ventricular pressures and derivatives
  • Cardiac output
  • Blood flow
  • PK/PD relationships
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Electrophysiological testing

Our facilities feature dedicated surgical suites using multiple species, modes, anesthetics, dose routes and regimens. All our anesthetized models meet or exceed the requirements for global regulatory submission but can be leveraged for discovery cardiovascular studies as well. The data acquisition platforms we use are fully validated, including Notocord, Data Sciences International and EMKA.

The CorDynamics quality assurance unit has extensive GLP and OECD experience with cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies and maintains the highest degree of study integrity.