CorDynamics has extensive experience working with project teams throughout their drug discovery steps—including a number of models for investigating atrial fibrillation.

Isolated Langendorff Heart

  • Poised for early discovery screening studies, including electrophysiology data
  • Compound sparing
  • Rapid turnaround with flexible design

Anesthetized canine 

  • Acute induction via vagal pacing with epinephrine
  • Complete cardiac electrophysiology available (atrial, AV nodal, His bundle, ventricular)


  • Complex atrial tachypaced models available


  • Chronic rapid atrial pacing in canines—electrical and structural remodeling consistent with the clinical scenario
  • Inducible AF with complete electrophysiology measurements
  • Concurrent ECG and hemodynamics
  • Multiple compounds in the same animal (consistent with 3Rs)
  • Provide a detailed interrogation alongside tolerability and PK/PD information