The CorDynamics team has extensive experience leveraging the isolated Langendorff heart for both drug safety and drug discovery studies.

Our experts can rapidly and inexpensively screen for cardiovascular effects of lead compounds as well as back up compounds in the mouse, rat, guinea pig and rabbit using the isolated Langendorff heart model.


This model is a physiologically relevant bridge between purely in vitro assays and in vivo studies, providing a comprehensive assay capable of evaluating electrophysiological parameters and the hemodynamic effects of a compound simultaneously. Common parameters that can be investigated include the measurement of QT interval, heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac function and ECG/EKG endpoints. Results from the Langendorff heart have proven to be highly correlated to in vivo approaches and highly predictive of in vivo effects, thus providing a multitude of drug safety endpoints in one study.

The Langendorff model is also a powerful tool that can be used to model ischemia/reperfusion studies as well as atrial fibrillation studies in drug discovery investigations.

We customize our isolated Langendorff heart studies to meet the needs of your project team and to integrate seamlessly into your drug development research. A template concentration range can be performed alone or with investigative follow-up. Our core assays may also be modified for screening purposes.