CorDynamics has industry-leading expertise in multiple ‘gold-standard’ methods to study the pathology of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and investigate potential therapies. We have conducted PAH studies for more than 200 discrete clients over the past 20 years.


Multiple proven PAH models available for customized study design:

Monocrotaline PAH Model
Rodent model that allows for the evaluation of compounds in both prevention and intervention modes.

  • Right ventricular hypertrophy and pulmonary edema are apparent by three weeks
  • Increased pulmonary vessel wall medial thickness correlates with an elevated pulmonary arterial pressure
  • Often used for screening multiple compounds or dose levels

Hypoxia + Sugen PAH Model
Rodent model that allows for the interrogation of test articles in the most robust small animal preclinical model available.

  • Several vivarium rooms customized for hypoxia environment; large throughput = shorter timelines
  • Pulmonary arterial wall thickening and occlusion of arterioles develops due to endothelial cell overgrowth
  • Right ventricular echocardiography available to complement pulmonary pressures
  • Numerous positive controls (such as PDE5, ET-1, sGC, sotatercept) extensively validated in the model
  • Interventional therapy can be assessed using study durations of four to nine+ weeks
  • Gold-standard model that provides pathology most similar to human PAH