Cardiac Ion Channels

Along with our core capabilities, CorDynamics also offers complete cardiac ion channel studies—including the inward rectifying potassium channel (Ikr) assessment known as the 'hERG assay'. We help our clients determine the potential hERG liability associated with their compounds at various concentrations and have the capability to provide integrative follow-up data—such as measuring QT interval—to place the ion channel results into perspective.

Our robust ion channel assessments are available in both manual patch clamp and higher throughput preparations. When appropriate, we are able to use human atrial or ventricular myocytes at physiologic temperatures for the industry's most relevant results. We offer a number of other ion channels in addition to the hERG assay. DRUG SAFETY
  • Iks
  • Ito
  • Isus
  • INa
  • ICa
  • Ik1
All results are provided in a comprehensive data package with in-depth analysis. Including Stem Cells in an Integrated Risk Assessment is a Welcomed Position